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Disclaimer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon and its creators. I make no monetary profit from this work it is only for entertainment.

I'm Listening

Disclaimer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon and its creators. I make no monetary profit from this work it is only for entertainment.

Author’s Note: 2014 Movie-Verse - Rated M for a reason! This work contains sexual content, violence, and at times dark themes that will become more developed as the story continues- you have been warned. Also, I have messed with the timetable the story is set in current time, but the guys are in their mid twenties- so the events of the movie would have happened around 2004.


The first duty

of love is

to listen.

~ Paul Tillich

Chapter 1: Talk Nerdy to Me

Privacy. It was one of the only silverlinings of having to find and build a new lair. This home had been selected and constructed for adults, and not for a single father tending to four small boys. Everyone now had their own rooms and space. He not only had a lab with four walls and a heavy door, but his own room which lay on the other side of the lab from the rest of the lair. Which meant that in the ten years since the defeat of Shredder, Donnie had been spoiled in this new lair with privacy to safely carry out his work. His brothers had over time stopped barging into the lab- explosions from his more volatile experiments had proven an excellent deterrent for that, though he had lost some scales in the process.

Well, except Raphael. Raph had never really grasped the importance of leaving him to his work. Surprisingly, Raph was not one to barge in, but he was one to slip in silently. Between his focus and his headphones it made Don easy prey. Outside of terrifying Don when he realized that he was not alone Raph was actually good company in the lab. The largest turtle was usually in a poor mood, and used the lab as a refuge from their more demanding and energetic brothers. It was simple for Don to comprehend why. Don was the most predictable and even tempered of his brothers. Raph may have appeared volcanic in nature, but when left alone he was actually quiet and industrious- albeit in a harsh and brooding way. He just lacked the patience for the constant interaction of their brothers- something Donnie understood all too well.

The two could sit in comfortable silence for hours. When they developed their shop or garage this comradery became very useful. Raph was interested in working on the vehicles, and the two worked well together- often in relative silence except for the blasting music from individual headphone or from speakers. In the lab Raph often read his magazines or used one of the scavenged laptops to entertain himself.

All that said, people really didn't give Raph enough credit. Raph was the only one of his brothers who had noticed the minor differences in Don's behavior, and despite the genius' best attempts at evasion here stood the largest of the brothers demanding answers.  

He had slipped up, and left his T-Phone out. Unfortunately, Raph mistook it for his, and answered. Donnie had just stepped back into the lab with a fresh cup of coffee as the events unfolded like a slow motion crash before his eyes. Her voice on the other line was soft, but Raph was silent. With surprising calm Raph hung up the phone and set it down on the table. The largest of his brothers was working his jaw like he was chewing his words before he said them.

“Start talking brainiac!” Raph barked.

Don was stock still likely from shock, or a desperate attempt to fend off his brother’s next question as though he was evading a T-Rex.

“Donatello, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Its up to you”, Raphael rolled his shoulders while cracking his knuckles for emphasis.

Donnie was sorely aware of the lack of exists his lab offered. There was no way around this.

“Her name is Emma.” Don sighed.

“I’m listening”, Raph chuffed.

“Its a long story.” Don admitted taking a seat in his computer chair.

Raph took the spare, and leaned back to comfortably scowl at his younger brother.

“I guess I will start at the beginning then”, Don resigned himself to his fate.


All four brothers had found their own way as adults. Raph found a friend in Casey Jones, April’s boyfriend, who enjoyed running around with Raph to do their own vigilant activities. Leo had focused on mastering his spiritual path, and Mikey had enjoyed art, and through a contact of April actually made some money off of it. All the while fighting a slowly reviving Foot Clan that appeared to be led by Karai.

Don on the other hand already had such serious interests in technology and software that it only made sense to capitalize on it. Up until just a few years ago that focused on creating offensive and defensive items for the team. He was personally most proud of the T-Phones and the vehicles. Now, he actually earned a wage for the family with those skills.

After stopping a robbery of a computer repair store, April had worked out a deal with the owner. The man paid him very good money, and allowed him to order supplies at below retail prices through the stores account. They never truly saw each other. Their communication was through phone calls, emails, and roof top box exchange. Donnie was essentially the after hours support team for the store. He rarely had to make phone calls, and he had a better turn around for both software and hardware issues than anyone else on staff. Technically, he was being paid under the table which was the only illegal part of the deal, but they simply didn’t explain the finer details to Leo or Splinter for that matter.

He enjoyed the work, and the family literally profited off of it. He never thought it would bring them trouble. However, he was wrong. He was so very wrong. In this case trouble came into his life as a woman.

Now, women were something a sensitive subject to the mutant brothers. They were young males in the prime of their lives. It was only natural to seek partners. Problem was that there were no female humanoid turtles available. That was one of the many problems with being a mutant. It was lonely. Spring was when it was worst. Four hot blooded males in a confined space with little outlet for the needs they were hard wired to act on. They had been raised in a time of pop culture, and images of human women were heavily prevalent in their development which resulted in a very one sided attraction. He also had a serious theory that they had been exposed to human DNA as part of the mutagen serum that had transformed them. However, due to the fire he had nothing to base it on other than their humanoid forms and traits. Either way, human women were not out looking for six foot tall reptiles. So, with the exception of April and the occasional damsel in distress they had no female contact.

April was strictly off limits due to her status a “hogosha”. Only Mikey had attempted to cross that line. Initially, the brothers had thought it was just the antics of their youngest sibling. He was well known as a shameless flirt, but after April disappeared for a few weeks. Mikey had confided in Leo that he was the reason. The youngest turtle's feelings had apparently not gone over well with April. Mikey made a point to tell them that she had not said anything cruel, and had done her best to let him down easy, but that she had for just a moment looked at him with something that could only be described as repulsion. Those few seconds had devastated the youngest ninja. It had a ripple effect in the family. Raph was surprisingly the one who had stepped in to help Mikey move forward.

That said, it was not something they openly discussed, but they all had accepted that they would likely not find romance in their lives. Leo deflected this by living his life as a monk. Raph took a more cynical approach, but seemed unfazed. Mikey bounced back, and chose to continue on as though nothing had happened. Fortunately, April seemed content to play along. Donnie simply remained distracted with his builds, work, and research. He had never really put any investment into pining for women, and really only gave thought to the fairer sex in spring when his hormones had a say. Even then, it was solely in a sexual manner.

Thus, he was utterly unprepared for what had happened over the course of the last year. He had just started his “job” with the owner of the repair store when it happened. He had taken a box full of repairs back to the lair, and opened it to find a laptop that had been violently destroyed. The instructions had been sent via email. A young woman, Miss Emma Dalton, had just dropped it off at closing blaming the destruction on her dog. He had a good laugh at the claim- well, until he found some teeth mixed in with the shredded keys. She was specifically concerned with a single file, a paper which was due at midnight on Wednesday which left him with roughly 22 hours to see if anything was salvageable if she wanted it in on time. Then, he managed to find her hard drive was still intact, and he was able to find the file within the hour. Her ticket listed that she would like to be notified ASAP by phone or email. Since it was around 4 am he chose to email her the good news and the file.

Looking back it was his next move was the first mistake. Perhaps it was because he was bored, or he could use his chronic insomnia as an excuse for the poor decision. Either way, he opened the file. It was a very long paper. Specifically, it was a dissertation. He now understood her desperation. Dissertations were serious, and after skimming the document it was clear she had been researching this subject for a few years. The first few pages told him that she was a graduate student at Columbia seeking a masters in literature. She had chosen to highlight the roaring twenties period, and focused on the appeal of criminal life in literature and music. Specifically, she focused on how suddenly criminals were viewed as something more- even heroes. It was exceptionally well researched, and was a rather riveting read for a dissertation. As a vigilante who protected the innocent it was an interesting perspective. Some of these villains had traits he considered “robin hood-ish”, so it was easy to see how they had public appeal during The Great Depression.

He had slept a few hours before the morning routine of training. Then, he returned to his lab to find that Miss Dalton had responded. She sent a elegantly worded thank you proclaiming he was a hero, and she could never repay him. It was certainly a nice response. It was better than what most humans said when he and his brothers actually saved their lives. So, he made his second mistake. He replied to the email. He offered to salvage any safe files from her hard drive. Her acceptance was immediate. He told her it would take him a week and that he would let her know when she could pick it up from the shop.

It took him a few days, but he did manage to move all her files to a safe external hard drive. However, in the process he looked at all of them. It was a very odd way to get to know someone, but rather effective. He learned they shared similar taste in music, eerily similar. The rest of her files mostly pertained to school which focused on literature and economics. He considered this the end of his research into Miss Emma Dalton, and he dropped off the external hard drive at the shop.

However, another sweetly written thank you came to his inbox the next day. He had forced himself not respond… quickly. Yet, after just a few hours he found himself staring at the email again. Then, another mistake was made by the mutant. He replied, as casually as he could, that he was more than happy to help, and mentioned that he enjoyed her taste in music. Only a few hours later he received a reply. The turtle very nearly fell out of his chair. She had asked him out… well, specifically she offered to buy him a drink if he was ever on her side of town. She claimed it was the least she could do for the man who saved her academic career. Joking about how Ivy League Universities don’t take kindly to the “my dog ate my homework” excuse.

He never thought he would ever have to turn a girl down. Especially, a very smart girl who was thoughtful and polite… then, he became fully aware of how taboo this was. It was thrilling in some way speak to a woman, and to know that she had wanted to get to know more about him. Granted she would turn tail and run if she ever got a glimpse of him, but it was the still nice to know someone had noticed him. So, he politely declined saying that he rarely got out for social occasions. She had taken it in stride, telling him that if he ever changed his mind he had her number.

He had been visibly more chipper the rest of the day which his brothers noticed. Fortunately, he was able to claim it was the update for the T-phones he had finished. That had been enough to send them on their way. However, his high soon turned on him. He found himself thinking of her often. He blamed this on music. They both had taste that ran the gambit of rap, electronic & techno, instrumental classic, heavy metal, and etc. This meant that his normal routine of using music to help him focus constantly rounded his mind back to the young graduate student. Once again, it was his mistake, and it was small. He sent her a meme about the Black Keys, one of the bands they both had enjoyed. She responded with a meme for how to come to terms with being called a hipster (begrudgingly).

From there it turned into a source of amusement. When he was bored, or unable to sleep he would send her things, but somewhere between the funny images, gifs, and news headlines they began to have conversations. Asking small questions at first, and then later larger pieces of information were added. She seemed to accept that they didn’t exchange images of themselves, and that she only knew him as Donnie. He became a master at telling her what his father would call half-truths. He told her he was one of four brothers. He had an adopted father who was a martial arts master. While, he carefully sidestepped the mutation section of the conversation. He could complain to her about living in a home with said father and brothers.

She in turn would complain about how even though she only had one sister she had a very close extended family. She claimed that her cousins made it their jobs to bring about chaos which she admitted would actually be entertaining if they didn’t have keys to her home. He learned that her family was the opposite of his in terms of academia. Emma was the only person in her family who was not perusing her graduate studies in the realm of sciences. She could commiserate with him about being the odd one out in the family. Though being from a household of nerds did mean that she could keep up with him intellectually in a way that his brothers could not. That was one of the things that made her so perfect for conversation. She was incredibly well read, funny and sometimes downright cheeky. When he would pass into a typed rant on software, science fiction, or anything out of her depth she would send him the mischievous warning.

“I love it when you talk nerdy to me.”

It was bold flirtation and it worked every time. He would stop, and back track. He was thankful that the young woman could not see his blush or hear his sputter. He usually sent her an equally snarky response, emboldened by the technology that veiled him. Months had gone by, and it was approaching spring. If asked he would openly blame his next mistake on the flood of hormones. He just wanted to get a look at the woman he spoke to on almost a daily basis through various messenger programs. She always used the basic graphics provided by those programs for her profile photos, and she simply did not exist on mainstream social media. After days of hunting he only came up with a single photo.

It was from an article from the University paper praising her work as a graduate student, and how she had finished the program that winter. The photo showed her posed in profile in front of a window with light pouring in around her. Head angled as she gaze out the pane with her hands delicately clasped behind her back and a little smirk playing on her very full lips.

The photo was in black and white which meant he could only tell that she looked fair in complexion with large round eyes that looked hauntingly light in the contrast of the full dark lashes that curved around them. A straight subtle nose and high cheekbones played to the light. Long dark hair was brushed away from her face to tumble down her back past her waist.

Teeth sunk into his lower lip as his mind tried to memorize the way that the sweater and skirt outlined the full curve of her bust which fell sharply to a slim waist then slowly flared over full hips. Due to the slight pivot in her stance he could even see that the ample curve of her backside. The skirt fell to just above her knees, but he could see that she was wearing argyle tights on her legs, and ballet flats on her small feet. He was fairly certain from the size of the window that she somewhere around five and a half feet tall. Not that he had researched the building to get an accurate height of the window or anything...

For a few moments he simply stared, dumbfounded. This was who was flirting with him. This was who he was talking to this whole time. This whole time he had been talking to a girl who was possibly the most attractive human female he had ever seen. He had never expected that. Granted he was running off the assumption that she was a graduate student, and judging by her family description from money. So, he had expected someone well put together, but … he was expecting a dorky girl. This girl did not look dorky. She looked poise and mischievous. This was Emma Dalton?!

He actually felt a little dizzy, but he continued to stare at the screen. This was an irreversible mistake in so many ways. Now, when he tried to chit chat with her online he could only think of that image. He had done this without issue almost daily for over six months, but no longer. Instead he kept imagining what she would look like typing, drinking coffee, reading. Each activity they discussed as part of their lives he now had to apply his new found knowledge to. To make matters worse with the month of March soon approaching his imagination was finding all new things for Miss Emma to do. His daydreams began by focusing on her lips.

He earned a serious crack to the skull from Raph in one sparring match from one incident. The punch had thrown him across the dojo, and his distraction had been so obvious that his father had sent him to rest. It should have made him feel sick with shame to essentially be a 25 year old who was sent to his room. Instead, the pulsing pain in his skull only brought the day dream back in greater detail of those luscious lips shaping to form his name. It was just before Raph had connected with his skull, his mind had focused on the depressing fact that he had never heard her voice. Even now his ever resourceful nature nagged him that he did have her phone number. He dragged a hand over his face, and adjusted his glasses.

He took a deep breath while his mind created a list of reasons not to call her. First, this kind of distraction was genuinely dangerous. If he were to falter the way he had moments ago while he was topside it could spell disaster for not just him, but for all his brothers. Second, if this was how affected he was by an image of her, so then it would likely only become worse if he spoke to her. The last reason was more difficult to frame with words. It rattled around in his head ever since he had seen the photo. The photo made her real, but it was something she didn’t know he had done. He could keep up their cyber friendship indefinitely because it was not demanding. It was fluid and causal, and didn’t have a real schedule to it.

A phone call would be different. A phone call would likely lead to more calls, and if her voice was anything like the rest of her known qualities he could trust that he would likely be the one calling her. However, unlike a casual messenger, actual speech would almost guarantee that she would push more to meet him. He would be forced to refuse, and she would give up on him without a doubt. She was a smart girl, and would see no point in pursuing him further if a phone call was the most personal thing he could offer her. So, even if he called and it goes down as the best conversation of his life it would still be the beginning of the end. The thought made him feel numb, so very numb.

He typed a quick message. Even as he sent it he knew it was possibly the most cowardly thing he had ever done. The words were brief, and purposefully lacking in detail. He lied, and told her he would be out of town with his family. He made no attempt to explain why or what it was for. Just that he would be out of contact for at least a month. A few hours later she had wished him a safe trip, and sweetly told him how greatly she would miss him.

He read the simple line of text several times before he logged out of the messenger, and uninstalled the program to be safe. The numbness was overwhelming. He felt like he was in a fog, and had no idea how long he sat at his desk motionless. When a grunt came from the doorway he visibility jumped.

“Raph?” he knew his words were stammered as he caught his balance in the chair.

Raphael stood in the doorway, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

His minds skittered for a moment while Raph leveled him with a glare. Raph had always had an "aggressive" way of showing his concern. Don settled on one of those half truths and murmured, “Its almost March.”

When the larger turtle blanched he knew he was in the clear. Raphael would be a bit panicky since they were now only a few days away from the “season”, and the largest turtle had always been the first to fall to the hormonal torture. For a few days he would float in and out of the lair, and they would give him a wide birth. However, after a week or so Mikey would fall in next, then it was Don’s turn. Leo always managed to be last. There seemed over all very little rhyme or reason to who, why, and when each of them began and ended. Fortunately, they never overlapped by much. Even then, the whole month was something of a reclusive time for each family member to avoid sparking tempers. Training was always suspended. Splinter often spent great lengths of time away from the lair- to this day he never really knew when their sensei went. April had also learned to find other things to occupy her time.

“Shit”, Raph had curse lowly as he turned to leave.

Don watched him leave, and let his head roll back in his chair. He had hoped this would be the end of it. Now he could return to his old life. One without Emma. The numbness returned to his limbs making them feel heavy. He pulled up a fresh screen, and started to type up a list of all the repairs, projects, and research he needed to work on. It had always been his coping mechanism, and he had applied it to spring each year. It never worked entirely, but it had always helped his focus.

His list worked well until mid March when his own hormones hit him like a truck. It was always such a strange revelation when it happened. This year was different though. Before it had always just been about finding release after release until the chemical warfare in his mind ended. He was used to being much more aware of his more keen senses during this "delicate" condition. However, he had never ached like this. This was so much worse.

It was as though every scale on his body was bruised. His hands felt raw and inflamed. His hearing buzzed with normally unnoticed white noise of the tunnels. His mouth and sinuses felt dry and tacky. He was still constantly aroused which made him equally irritable. Normally, he could find relief with a video or selection of photographs that were a simple Google search away. This year they did nothing for him.

Relief was only found in his sleep, and even then it was never true release. It was only blissful because his imagination recreated her there. In slumber that was only half restful at best she existed like an oasis. Her role was initially so innocent. Simply smiling at him mutely before sitting next to him in the bed. She would sweetly curve those lush lips as she stroked his cheek. She would nestle into his side while never flinching at his scales, his hands, or his shell. As the nights passed he became ever more forward to his mirage of Emma. By the end of March Donnie had a whole new understanding for the season. Thankfully, things seem to be returning to normal with the season over, but it is still a daily struggle. He misses her dearly, but he dreaded hearing from her. He had warned her that it would be a month or so, but it had now been 6 weeks.


Everything changed one stormy night in mid-April. They were out on a normal security run, and encountered a group of Foot soldiers. They were packing dart guns, and when Mickey was hit in the final moments of the fight they assumed he would pass out. They did not realise that these had not been tranquilizer darts. Mikey had been poisoned. They only saving grace was that he had taken a few of the darts with them for further study. So, when Mikey started showing strange symptoms Don was able to change tactics.

It was 48 hours of hell. Keeping Mikey alive and responsive was his only goal. The darts he collected allowed him to use the poison to create a antidote. It had taken the better part of the first day to create it, but the antidote was not easy on the body. The whole second day was a struggle to keep his baby brother stable. Now, he was resting peacefully in his room, and would likely be fully recovered in a few days. His older brothers were managing their stress in their own ways, but both urged him to sleep. Splinter remained with Mikey now.

Everyone was relieved, but he was still addled. His hands shook slightly when he tried to use them. His nerves felt frayed from keeping one of his brothers alive for so many hours. He was in a daze when he looked up at the screen directly in front of him. It was the ticket that had been sent with Emma’s broken laptop. He had saved it months ago. It was a total of five lines. One of which had her phone number. His frame swayed forward in pure exhaustion as he reached for his T-Phone and dialed the number. The line rang twice before she picked up.

“Hello… Victoria are you pulling another allnighter?”, for a moment, he was content to hear her. Emma’s voice was soft and sweet, and she had accent- french if he was guessing. It was light, and the more coherent she became the more it lessoned.

He heard her mewl lightly in what he guessed was a yawn. The sound was adorable, and he committed it to memory. “Ok Vicky, enough. I am going back to sleep now.”

“Wait!” he managed to choke out.

He could hear the stillness on the other line before her soft and clear question, “Who is this?”

“Its Donnie”, he tried to keep his voice even, but he could hear the falter in it.

The sounds of her shifting in her blankets filled the receiver. Then, in that sweet voice, “I never thought you would call.” There was a note of sadness in her voice. He felt a pang of guilt. He would have never thought it would mean so much to either of them.

“I am sorry it’s just… I wanted to, but …”

“I am just happy you called”, that sweet voice chimed in on his frantic one. Her tone became cautious, “Is everything alright?”

“No”, it was a knee-jerk reaction to the question. It was too late now, he couldn’t take it back. So, he took a deep breath. “My little brother was in accident, and he is going to be ok, but it was a very close call… and I just… it made me think… that I needed to.”

“It’s ok”, again she interrupted him. Her voice silenced him with gentle confidence. No one should sound that wonderful at 3 am. “You said he is going to be ok?”

“Yeah”, he sighed.

“And you are ok?” her question was so simple. If anyone in his family had asked him the same thing he would have had a pre-set response ready to go. Yet, here he was utterly disarmed in four words. “Donnie?”

“I haven’t slept since it happened”, his words were a bit garbled.

“Ahh, well then my dear sir I believe you should rest”, her tone was sweet and playful.

“It’s not that simple.” He could not tell her exactly why he was so rattled, and why he was particularly no looking forward to dreams that could be created from the combination of his nerves and exhaustion.

“I think you should try”, she urged warmly. “I will stay with you. Now, just climb into bed.”

He trudged across his lab into his room. He had removed his gear hours ago, so he only had to pull the mask from his face. He didn’t bother moving his blankets laid face down all the while never moving the phone from his ear. “There”, he huffed.

She giggled. It was a hushed bubbling little noise that elevated his heart rate.

“Emma?” he intoned gently.

“Mmhmm”, she hummed lazily to encourage him.

“Thank you, for not hanging up on me”, he was rewarded with another giggle.

“I am so happy you finally called me”, her voice was so unguarded and sincere. “I missed you.”

He was certain he actually felt his heart contract. He could feel his pulse in his palms as he gripped the phone tighter. “I missed you too”, he confessed gently. He could feel his eyes closing despite his best efforts. “I think you were right”, he mumbled.

“It happens more often than you would think”, she whispered playfully.

He could feel his lips pull into a grin as he laughed. He had no idea how many moments passed before he heard her speak again, “Good night Donnie.”

“Good night Emma.”


After telling his brother an abridged version of the past years events Donatello watched his brother carefully. Despite his temper, Raph appeared to be doing his damndest to absorb the information. Raph took a deep breath before speaking.

“So, you have been talking to this girl regularly on the phone for months?”

“Six months”, Don confirmed.

“But you have been chatting with this chick online for almost a year total?” Raph grunted.

Donnie nodded.

“And nobody knew?”, Raph seemed impressed.

“Well, you do now”, Donnie sighed looking into the cold contents of his coffee cup. “Are you going to tell the others?”

“Why the fuck would I do that?” Raph all but hissed at him.

Donnie sent him a flabbergasted look, but eyed him suspiciously.

Raph seemed to move on to the next line of business quickly, “So, what does she look like?”

Donnie sputtered at his brother’s frankness which only encouraged the elder to sport a wolfish grin.

“She doesn’t even know that I know what she looks like!” Donnie yelped.

Raph only chuffed, “You owe me bro.”

Donnie sighed, and turned to pull up the only image he had of Emma.

Raphael stared at the screen for a moment before turning his gaze back to his brother. He repeated the motion a few times until he chuckled, “That hot chick likes you?”

Donnie rolled his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his muzzle. “She did.”

“What happened? Did you get into a fight?” Raphael teased.

Donnie shrugged, “Not a fight. A disagreement, maybe? She is upset with me.”

“What did you do?” Raph seemed highly entertained.

“Its what I won’t do. She wants to meet. So, this is the dreaded beginning of the end.”

Raph began to laugh, “So, you spend a year on this chick, and then just give up?”

“What am I suppose to do? Take her on a midnight stroll through the park explaining how I came to be giant mutated turtle, or should I open with our relationship with the Foot Clan? I mean there are so many options!” Donnie replied with animated sarcasm.

Raph smirked, “Or you could invite her to a costume party. There are only a couple hundred all over the city every weekend the whole month of October until Halloween, but what do I know?” He had the audacity to shrug in false hurt.

Don’s mind began to work at high speed, there was no way he could have pulled something like this alone, but with Raph. “What about Leo & Mikey? If we are on the surface they will be too.”

“I am sure we could think of a diversion them busy, and get you some time alone.” Raph seemed way too confident about this.

“You are serious?” Don continued to stare incredulously.

“We need some excitement around here. Plus, it will really piss Leo off”, Raph grinned leaning back to make himself comfortable.

“She will probably just scream and run away”, the younger grumbled.

“Only one way to find out”, Raph passed Donatello the phone. “Your move genius.”


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