Bound to Fuck

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Kim was in a foul mood. It was bad enough to be forced to go to a movie against her will, but it wasn’t even one she wanted to see. She liked some of Jim Carrey’s earlier stuff, such as the first Ace Ventura, but he got old in a hurry.

Bonnie and Brick appeared to be enjoying themselves, which annoyed Kim even more. At least it could have been a double date. But Kim didn’t have a boyfriend, the price she paid for the teen hero gag. So here she sat, alone yet not alone.

Damn Dementor and his fucking bonding agent! If she had to be joined at the hip with someone, why in the hell did it have to be Bonnie? Dealing with Bonnie was bad enough before, when she could at least be avoided most of the time. This 24 hour a day shit was a nightmare.

Even bodily functions were aggravating, since they could not both sit at the same time. It was exhausting for the other, holding a crouching position beside the toilet.

Showers were not so bad, because she loved Bonnie’s body, though she would never say so. Bonnie had much better tits, and she was envious. She longed to handle them, but limited herself to furtive glances.

Unable to keep interest in the movie, Kim let her eyes wander. She could barely make out the outlines of her film crew. She could see no red lights, so they were not filming. They had gotten some footage early on, but it was pointless for them to film a couple of hours of her sitting watching a movie. They appeared to be packing up, getting ready to transport the equipment to the next location.

Having her own reality show was cool, especially since “Kim Possible” was the highest-rated live-action show on the Disney Channel, but it was also a pain in the ass sometimes. This whole bonding-with-Bonnie thing was just too weird, and she would have preferred not to have all that go on camera. But then her contract required footage of her personal life in addition to the teen hero stuff, so she was stuck. Stuck with the cameras and stuck with Bonnie.

When Brick took them home, he asked, “am I supposed to kiss both of you?”

Bonnie and Kim both shouted “no!”, though Kim didn’t really mean it. She would have been happy to let him.

Brick left and so did the film crew. Bonnie’s house appeared to be deserted.

“I’m hungry,” Kim said. “Nobody bought me any popcorn. And you wouldn’t go with me so I could buy my own.”

“I’m hungry too,” Bonnie replied, “but not for food”.

She went to the back door, with Kim in lockstep, and let in Brick.

Bonnie and Brick kissed again. “Now that those TV guys are gone, we can have some real fun! My parents will be out late and so will my bitch sisters. Let’s go upstairs.”

Kim was incredulous. “You guys are going to make out?”

Bonnie was her usual snotty self. “Well, duh.”

“Hello! Bound together! I have to go with you. There’s no way I can give you privacy.”

“I don’t care any more! I need a dick! I’ve gone long enough without because of you stuck on me like a barnacle or a pimple or something! Now both of you, get your asses upstairs!”

In the bedroom, Kim laid beside Bonnie on her bed. Brick, exercising his football player intellect, asked, “do I feel up both of you?”

“We’ve already been through that, you retard!” Bonnie snapped. “If I wouldn’t let you kiss her, I sure as hell won’t let you fondle her. You are fucking me. She is just part of the background. Don’t look at her. Don’t touch her.” She turned her attention to Kim. “And you, keep your mouth shut and face away.”

This can’t be happening, Kim thought. Rather than deal with Bonnie’s wrath, she followed orders and stared at the wall. But she could tell from the sounds that Bonnie was giving Brick a blow job. There was a lot of smacking and slurping, probably deliberate in order to torment her. And of course Brick was making noises as well. Bonnie was reportedly a good cocksucker, despite her definitely non-giving personality.

And it was torment for Kim, knowing that live sex was going on just a few inches away. Kim was getting so horny she couldn’t stand it. Her pussy was getting so wet that she was sure it would go all the way through her jeans. She desparately tried to think of unsexy things: history class, Monkey Fist, the cafeteria lady, Rufus, sumo ninjas, trigonometry. It seemed to be working, but then she made the mistake of thinking of Drakken, which unfortunately led to Shego, and her desire kicked in again. She had fought some savage battles with Shego, but she had always longed for a more friendly conflict, such as a mud wrestling match.

Moving her head very slowly, she disobeyed orders and took a look. Bonnie was indeed good at blow jobs. Kim watched her technique, hoping to learn something. Bonnie was sitting up. Even though she and Kim were bound at the hip, she was able to pivot into a sitting position while Kim was on her back.

Kim continued to take quick looks, turning back to the wall when she feared Bonnie would glance in her direction. But Bonnie was engrossed in her sucking, so Kim’s looks got longer and longer until she stopped turning away and just watched nonstop. Bonnie did look around then, and saw Kim watching. But she just sneered and went back to blowing Brick. Sure enough, tormenting Kim was evidently part of her plan.

Brick was nice and hard now, so Bonnie undressed. The top was easy, since the binding with Kim didn’t interfere with that. Removing jeans and panties was always a chore. Fortunately, the bonding wasn’t skin to skin, or dressing and undressing would be impossible. Instead it was an extremely strong attraction, as if Kim and Bonnie were powerful magnets. It was possible to pull apart slightly with a huge effort, just enough to see daylight between the two girls, and then clothing could be moved up and down past the hip bind point.

Since Kim was allowed to watch now, she admired Bonnie’s tits yet again. But then Brick, who could undress much faster than Bonnie, was on top of her, covering up the tits. And then he was in her.

Kim’s pussy continued to get wetter yet as she watched the fucking. Finally she couldn’t stand it any more, and unzipped her jeans, preparing to shove her hand into her panties.

Bonnie opened her eyes at the sound of the zipper. “No!! You will not play with yourself!”

“I have to!” Kim cried. “I’m going insane over here! I can’t take this!”

“You will not touch yourself!! Understand?”

Kim was almost in tears, so distracted that she almost didn’t hear what Bonnie said next.

“I’ll do it.”

Kim’s misery turned into shock when she felt Bonnie’s hand go into her panties. She almost had an orgasm right then. The room spun around for a few seconds, but when it stabilized she felt the most delicious sensation as Bonnie gently rubbed her pussy. She realized instantly that Bonnie was not a novice at pleasuring other girls. Even Monique’s touch didn’t feel this good.

Kim interrupted her briefly to pull off her clothes. With Brick lying on top of Bonnie, she was pretty well anchored, so by pulling hard against her Kim was able to get her jeans and panties past the bind point without disturbing the fucking too much. Then she took off the rest of her clothes and Bonnie returned her hand to its task.

Bonnie had more freedom of movement now, so she did more things to Kim’s pussy. She rubbed it, put fingers inside, gently smacked it, played with the clit. Bonnie apparently knew it all.

Kim laid there in ecstacy, but then she realized she wasn’t giving anything back. The problem was that she didn’t know Bonnie’s rules and the other girl had already proven to be unpredictable. So she wasn’t sure exactly what to do.

Kim watched Bonnie for a little while. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing in a staccato fashion, in time with Brick’s thrusts. Kim decided to act and laid her opposite hand gently on Bonnie’s closer tit. The other girl’s eyes flew open in surprise and she glanced at Kim with an unreadable expression. Then the eyes closed again and she continued her rapid breathing.

So far, so good. Kim squeezed the tit gently and played with it. Then she fondled the other one, happy to finally have her hands on Bonnie’s tits after looking at them so many times. She wanted to suck them, but there was no room under Brick’s chest for her head.

Kim wondered what the rules were for Brick. They had changed for Bonnie. It probably wouldn’t be safe to touch him, at least in a place Bonnie could see. Remembering a scene from a porn movie, she made a V of her first two fingers and slid them down so that Brick’s dick was inside the V. Technically she was touching both of them. Her fingers were resting on Bonnie’s pussy lips, and they were stroking Brick’s shaft on either side as it went in and out.

“Mmmmmm” was Bonnie’s reaction, so Kim had passed another hurdle. She looked up at Brick to see that he was looking at her. He had never seen her body before, but she could tell he liked it, despite her smaller tits. He looked as if he wanted to touch her, but he probably didn’t want to take a chance on enraging Bonnie either.

“I’m starting to get close, baby,” Brick said. “Where are you?”

Bonnie opened her eyes. “I’m getting there. Try to hold off a little more. What about you, Kim?”

Kim was startled. “Me?” She hadn’t thought her orgasm mattered. “I think I can make it too.”

“Okay then, everybody shut up and fuck!”

So they did, Brick pounding, Kim and Bonnie diddling. As it happened, Bonnie’s orgasm hit first, Brick’s soon after. Kim wasn’t quite there and Bonnie had lost concentration, her hand flailing. So Kim quickly pulled the hand aside and finished herself off, only a few seconds behind her newfound lovers.

Brick pulled himself off Bonnie and collapsed. “Shit, that was good!”

Bonnie couldn’t even talk. “Guhhhh!” Kim could swear her eyes were crossed. Or maybe her own eyes were crossed. It was hard to tell. This had been one of her better orgasms too.

Suddenly the Kimmunicator went off, muffled by Kim’s purse.

“Don’t answer it,” Bonnie said. “I don’t want to waste any sex time going to the jungle or something.”

“Wade might have a solution for this fucking bond, or might have a line on Dementor.”

“Good point. This siamese twin shit is getting old. Okay, let’s see what he’s got.”

Kim and Bonnie went to the dresser, and Kim pulled her Kimmunicator out of the purse. “Go, Wade.”

“Good news, Kim,” Wade started. Then his jaw dropped and his image just stared at her.

“Well, what is it? What’s the matter?”

“Uhhh...nice tits!!”

Kim suddenly remembered she and Bonnie were still naked. “Shit!!”

She turned the Kimmunicator over so the screen was facing away from her, while Bonnie pulled something out of a drawer to cover themselves with. Kim was still crimson with embarrassment when she faced Wade again. “You didn’t see anything.”

“Riiiight,” Wade agreed. “I will never forget what I didn’t see just now.”

Bonnie stuck her face into the screen. “Listen to me, techno-turd. You better not have taken a picture of us. If I see my tits on the internet, somebody’s gonna die!”

“Got it. If I put your tits on the internet, don’t show your face.”

“That wasn’t what I fucking said!”

Kim pushed Bonnie out of the way. “Can we get back to the sitch? Wade’s not going to put anyone’s tits on the internet. I agree that he will die if he does, and I need him.”

Wade blinked. “Oh, yeah. The sitch. Okay, I tracked Dementor to his latest lair. Intell indicates he will be there for at least a couple of days. You should be able to go in tomorrow. So you can get back to whatever it was you were doing. Er, what were you doing?”

“Good night, Wade. Thanks.” Kim switched off.

Bonnie was still fuming. “Fucking perv.”

“Come on, Bonnie, it wasn’t his fault. We did the accidental flashing. How could he not look?”

You did the accidental flashing. I’m just stuck here.”

“By the way, Bonnie, thanks for letting me play earlier. That was fun.”

“I liked it too. You have a sweet pussy for a dork. I licked some off my fingers. Too bad we can’t give each other head because of being joined at the hip. I’m limber, but not that limber.”

“Yeah, I’d like that too. I never even got to taste you.”

Bonnie didn’t respond, just stood there, with a slight smile on her lips. When she spread her legs slightly, Kim got the hint. She reached down and slipped a couple of fingers into Bonnie. She wiggled them around in there, to get a good sample, then brought her fingers up for a taste.

“You taste good too, for a bitch.”

Bonnie laughed instead of getting angry. “That’s where the tangy flavor comes from.”

“Seriously, I do think I understand you better after seeing the way your sisters treat you.”

The thought of her sisters brought a snarl to Bonnie’s face. “Yeah, I’m only a bitch trainee compared to them. They’re working on doctorates in bitchology.”

The girls returned to the bed. Bonnie looked at Brick, who was lying there watching them, arms folded behind his head. “Hey, gorilla man, have you reloaded your rifle yet?”

“Not yet, but it won’t take very long watching sexy girls fingering each other like that.”

“Okay. Well, let’s do it some more to bring you back online.”

Kim and Bonnie laid on the bed and played with each other’s pussies again. Slow and gentle this time, to avoid getting too worked up before Brick was back in action.

Kim sighed. “You know, Bonnie, there’s no reason we can’t be friends. I have nothing against you and have never understood why you hate me so much.”

“It’s not exactly hate. I treat you that way because...”

Kim turned her head so she could see Bonnie’s face. She was expressionless and staring up at the ceiling.

Kim waited for a few seconds and then prodded. “Because?”

Bonnie mumbled something unintelligible.

“I couldn’t hear that.”

“Because I’m jealous, all right?”

Kim was stunned. She didn’t know what she had been expecting, but that certainly wasn’t it. “Jealous? Of me? But why? You’re the most popular girl in the school. You’re dating the captain of the football team. I don’t even have a boyfriend at all.”

“Big deal. So I’m queen of one high school.”

“You were queen of those metal girls too,” Brick said.

Bonnie stared at him. “Huh? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I think he’s talking about when the bebes made you their queen.”

“Those crazy fucking robots? That was all your doing anyway. You were the one who told them I should be their queen. The point is that I’m queen of one high school, one out of thousands across the country. People all over the world know who you are. You have your own fucking TV show, for christ’s sake!”

Bonnie gave a sigh of exasperation. “It started the day we met, when you tried out for the cheerleading squad in eighth grade. I was tired of watching girls try out by then and gave you a routine that I thought was impossible, but it didn’t faze you at all. And then you took over leadership of the squad in no time.”

Kim didn’t speak for a moment. “Jeez, Bonnie, I don’t do it to spite you. It’s called competition, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just frustrating. I do my best but I can’t come anywhere close to you.”

Kim realized that she had stopped diddling Bonnie and started up again. “Well, what do you want me to do? Slack off? Let people beat me on purpose?”

“No, I’m not that shallow. That would be pointless.” She smacked Kim’s pussy. “Don’t worry about it. Things have changed anyway. I’m not as pissed at you as I used to be.”

Kim looked at her in surprise. “Really? Seems to me you’ve been meaner the last year and a half than ever before.”

Bonnie grinned. “Think back. When did that start?”

“Huh? I don’t know. I’d have to look at my diary to get a timetable for our battles.”

“When you do, you might find that the increased hostility coincides with the start of the Kim Possible TV show.”

Kim nodded her head. “You already said you were pissed about the show.”

“Envious, yes. I was truly hostile the first few weeks of production. But I soon realized that the show was a benefit for me too. Since you and I fought so much, I got a lot of airtime. Because of that, I have made a shitload of contacts in the entertainment industry. I even get fucking fanmail! True, a lot of it is from wannabe bitches who see me as a role model and parents who think I’m a shitty role model, but still, people across the country know who I am now. And I owe that to you. So rather than be angry at you, I decided to climb aboard the Kim Possible gravy train.”

Kim looked at her in confusion. “So if you aren’t mad at me any more, why do you still dump on me so much?”

“Because that’s my established role. Monique is your buddy. I’m the nemesis, the bully, the antagonist. Well, secondary antagonist. Those weirdos you fight are the main ones. Anyway, if I started being nice to you, there would be no conflict and I would just be one of the herd at school. Which would be the end of the show for me. So I started treating you worse than ever.”

Kim’s jaw dropped. “I don’t fucking believe this! You are saying that all the shit you give me is play-acting?”

“It is now. Didn’t used to be.”

Kim was too astonished to speak, just lay there with a gaping mouth.

Bonnie went on. “So I’ll tell you what. In public, and especially on camera, I will continue to abuse the shit out of you. In private, we can be friends and even lovers.”

“Kinda like those guys in pro wrestling,” Brick said. “Though I don’t know about the lover part”.

She turned her head to address Brick. “Kinda. And none of this is to leave this room. If you tell anyone, and fuck up my chances with the show, I’ll cut off your balls with nail clippers. Think about how long that would take.”

Brick glanced down at his endangered gonads and then nodded nervously. “Got it. You still hate Kim. A lot.”

Bonnie turned back to Kim. “Now about the lover part...” She turned Kim’s head so Kim was facing her, then kissed her. Kim was still too confused to respond, so Bonnie kept kissing until she did. The two then started dueling tongues and making noises of pleasure.

“Whoo-hoo, here we go,” Brick whispered, so low the girls could not hear. “About time.”

By now Kim and Bonnie were rubbing each other’s tits as they kissed. Brick squeezed one of Bonnie’s tits too. Kim had been moving her hand over both, but when she hit his hand, she concentrated on the other tit, never opening her eyes. Brick tapped Bonnie’s shoulder and did a grabbing motion over one of Kim’s tits. Bonnie nodded her permission and went back to kissing.

Kim realized that a male hand was on her tit now, and opened her eyes. “Am I a player this time? Full contact? Hulk no smash?”

Bonnie grinned. “Do I look big and green? Bruce Banner now. No smash.”

“Hey, that brings up a point. I wonder if the Hulk and Shego are related. They’re both green and Shego likes to smash too. Usually me.”

“Forget Shego.” Bonnie pointed at Brick. “Get out there and suck one for the Gipper.”

Brick took that as a cue. He couldn’t straddle both girls, so he went around to Kim’s side of the bed, dick in hand, but careful not to be too eager. “You’re sure this is okay?”

“Yeah. You have another fuck toy to play with. Just make sure you devote equal time to me. I still have the nail clippers.”

“Don’t do anything to his balls until we’re through with them,” Kim suggested. Taking a deep breath, she grasped Brick’s dick, squeezing to check how hard it was, then stroked it lightly, running her fingertips up and down the full length. Bonnie reached over and did the same thing, on the opposite side and in the opposite direction. Their fingers repeatedly passed each other at the midpoint and then paused at opposite ends of the dick before starting the next pass.

“Shit!” Brick exclaimed. “I like that.” The additional hardening validated the truth in his words.

Kim gave the dick a couple of preliminary licks and took it in her mouth. It had been weeks since she had done this, so she savored the experience.

Bonnie gave her guidance as she sucked, not about basic technique, but about Brick’s particular likes and dislikes. “Keep mostly on the end, lots of bottle openers. He doesn’t have much sensitivity down lower, though you can give him occasional deep sucks as far down as you can go.”

Kim was familiar with bottle openers, quick twisty sucks that put sudden friction on one side of the head or the other. The name came from the old fashioned soda bottles with metal caps that had to be pulled off by using a bottle opener, using force at an angle. Sure enough, Brick responded well to them. She was having quite an effect on him.

“Let me have some,” Bonnie said. Kim relinquished the dick and Bonnie took over. Kim kissed the balls a few times, smacking Brick’s ass with her hand. Then she felt up Bonnie’s tits and rubbed her pussy. That was the great thing about threesomes: so many different activities. If not for the fucking bond she would have gone down on Bonnie. But that option wasn’t available.

“Dementor is so going to pay for this,” Kim said.

Bonnie pulled the dick out of her mouth. “Huh?”

“The bond is fucking everything up! I can’t eat your pussy!”

“Well, we can always slap Dementor around when we catch him, before turning him over to whoever.”

After getting him to break this bond.”

They started a play ritual at that point. One girl would suck, the other would think up some new torture for Dementor. The torments became more savage with each tradeoff.

Finally Bonnie said, “I think our fuck toy is ripe.”

“Just as well, there wasn’t much left of Dementor anyway.”

“You ready to take this in the other end?”

“You’ll let me do that too? Sure!” Kim laid back and spread her legs. “Plug me up!” Bonnie guided Brick into her.

“Ohhhhh! I haven’t done this lately either.”

Brick started a steady thrust rhythm. Kim abandoned herself to it. Bonnie kissed her and ran her hands all over Kim’s body. Then she started darting her hand in to rub Kim’s clit in between thrusts. Kim’s body was on fire, sensation running all through her.

It went on for several minutes, then it was Bonnie’s turn. So Kim serviced her in the same way. They alternated back and forth several times.

“Let’s turn over,” Kim suggested. ”I want it from behind.”


It was extremely difficult for Kim and Bonnie to turn over in bed, given that they had to do it as a unit. At first they had simply gotten out of bed, turned around, and climbed back in. Later they had developed a maneuver to do turn over directly. The girl on the outside, on the side away from the direction they were trying to roll, lifted herself up with both arms and legs and pushed upward and toward the inside, while the inside girl just rolled in unison. After the turnover, the outside girl hit the bed harder, but of course it was just a mattress, not concrete.

Kim initiated such a turnover, with Bonnie helping. But the girls neglected to look where they were going first. Too late, Bonnie realized that there wasn’t enough bed in the direction they were rolling. “Kim, wait! There’s no room!” But it was too late. Kim went over Bonnie and landed on nothing, continuing on to the floor. Her weight of course pulled Bonnie down with her, with a painful wrenching of both hips.

“Owwww,” Kim said from the floor. “Double ow,” Bonnie agreed. “Too bad your camera guys missed that.”

“Somehow I don’t think the guys at Disney would accept a scene of naked girls falling off a bed like a couple of dumbasses.”

“Playboy Channel would take it.”

“America’s Funniest Porn Videos?” Brick suggested as he helped the girls up.

The distraction and concern about his girlfriend had softened Brick’s equipment at little, but it didn’t take much effort to get it back in shape.

He plowed into Kim from behind. As before, Bonnie played with her body at the same time. Also as before, Brick serviced both girls in turn.

“Oh, I think I’m gonna cum”, Kim said finally.

Bonnie looked back at Brick. “If she does, will you last long enough for me?”

“Yeah, I think so. I’m not quite there.”

“Go ahead, Kim. Give in. Make it a good one.”

Kim came hard, three times. “Uhhhhhhh.” Her arms and legs were wobbly, but she managed to stay on them. If she collapsed on the bed, she would drag Bonnie with her.

Brick and Bonnie managed to cum together again, more or less. Then everybody was free to collapse on the bed.

After a few moments Bonnie stirred and looked at her watch. “Aw shit, we don’t have time to play any more. It’s getting late and by the time we are ready to go again, we’ll be cutting it too close. You have to go home now, big guy.”

“Okay, baby. I’ll let myself out. You two rest.” Brick dressed, kissed both girls, and left.

Bonnie looked at Kim. “You do realize that you can only do stuff like that when the three of us are together, right? He’s not a loaner.”

“Of course.”

“We can play some more if you want,” Bonnie said. “Obviously you won’t be going anywhere. Not until we get that Dementor dickweed to break us apart.”

“Okay, but we better not do it all night, simply because we have to go out and get the Dementor dickweed tomorrow.” She kissed Bonnie. “But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of other opportunities.”



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