Reviews for Biological Imperative

BY : GeorgeGlass

  • From LiloxStitch on February 21, 2021

    While this is much more intense than I usually enjoy, you put in these little moments that help bring me back into it. I honestly applaud you for being able to walk this line. I really enjoyed seeing Lilo and Nani enjoy things, or at least need to for satisfaction in chapter 6. And hope we get to see Lilo entirely enjoying having sex with Stitch. Though bringing in Mertle should be fun. Can't wait to see where this goes! I check almost every day to see if there is an update.

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  • From Pixel-King on February 20, 2021

    (One minor error of calling Lilo by the name Nani when Stitch pops her black cherry.)

    I definitely prefer the happy, lovey-dovey stories you have done, and generally like when the girls become horny little beasts too.

    But Stitch is pissing me off in this, though it is interesting at least and kinda enjoyable now. Personal preference I suppose. I do miss his quirkiness and humor for sure.

    Where is Jumba to explain or revel in all this?

    I agree with Sailor Nemesis, and if the girls are going to be recruiting anyway . . . Nani needs to introduce the Lifeguard to the joys of double-dong dickings. Her body is built for sin and I'm sure Nani could easily convince her to come over for an undisclosed reason. Nani already seems fallen to Stitch's prowess and would probably be eager to share and corrupt others. Maybe Nani could even warm her up a little first?

    Plus, it would be fun to have a girl who isn't an anal virgin, cause I'm certain she wouldn't be, and she could totally be a major size queen. Having her barking like a bitch in heat as soon as she realizes what is going to happen and sees the massive dicks would be a fun change of pace.

    Especially considering Myrtle looks to be next and I can't imagine that being anything but super rapey and full of tears. And maybe some revenge face-sitting by Lilo while Stitch works the other end? That'd shut her up. Put her rude mouth to good use even.

    "Meega nala Struggle-snuggle!"

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  • From Maxsteele1986 on February 08, 2021

    This story is amazing. I just wondering when are you going to continue it and if Angel will suddenly get activated and appear in front of Stitch while he is fucking Lilo or Nani and give him the relief he wants and deserves.

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  • From SailorNemesis on February 02, 2021

    Chap5, a bit harsher then I like but sexy.  In order to spare Lilo so much fucking, Nani should bring in the LifeGuard to share in appeasing Stitch

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  • From GrayNeko on January 31, 2021

    Excellent balance between horrifying and horny-fying in this latest chapter. If we hadn't seen how completely indestructible Stitch was in the film I'd be rooting for Nani to try stopping him. How much more can the girls put up with before it becomes noticeable to everyone else that something is wrong?

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  • From SailorNemesis on January 10, 2021

    I hope stitch realizes he has two cocks and girls have two holes down there.  The anal passage will absorb his alien hormones or whatever just fine.  I hope he does this with Nani soon.

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  • From SailorNemesis on January 04, 2021

    Chap4, good to see another chap.  I'm looking forward to more Nani.  Maybe she can get the LifeGuard involved too!

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  • From Lunarsilver on December 12, 2020

    Will there be a threesome between Lilo, Nani and Stitch?

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  • From SailorNemesis on December 09, 2020

    Chap3, very sexy.  Not really into the body modding especially on Lilo.  But Stitch and Nani is really hot.

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  • From GrayNeko on December 08, 2020

    I've been waiting for Nani to make her appearance and it didn't disappoint. Hopefully we'll see that second dick of Stitch's really come into play besides painting the ladies even though I do understand the story purpose for it. I saw someone else mention the lifeguard and I admit I would be nice to see her brought in to help give Nani a breather but if this story is about Lilo's and Nani's own little hell then that's fine by me too. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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  • From Raven_Spellsoer on December 02, 2020

      can't wait for more, I've been waiting for someone to do a Lilo & Stitch comic like this for some time, I'm a edit if you need any help, also I hope you add Jumba to explain what's going on with Stitch, of course can be evil he doesn't have to tell anyone except for the little monster and child for they know what's about to happen to them.

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  • From SailorNemesis on November 14, 2020

    Well, Lilo does nothing for me but I'm really looking forward to Nani.  I want Stitch to mate Nani (and the LifeGuard) over and over...

    PS please dont shave Nani's puss

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  • From ConanEdogawa on November 13, 2020

    I’m hoping that they will be making love and Lilo will get pregnant 

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  • From Sithlordshades on November 13, 2020

    By the Gods finally some time to do something.  Been reading everything you've been putting out but between work, boards, and everything else haven't been able to leave any reviews and even read anything in a single sitting.  So like this one so far going to be interesting to see where you take this one.  Have a few theories but will keep them to myself to not bias the writing.

    Love what you are doing with wishful hate you for the cliffhanger.


    Flesh wasn't my thing kink wise but the story was very interesting.


    The loud  house stuff has been fantastic and I am liking the evolution of it.


    I think that is all of them for now.  Look forward to the next installments in the various series.  I am now going to sleep for a month and eat things that are bad for me.

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  • From Lunarsilver on November 13, 2020

    This story is great please continue it, is stitch sperm going to give Lilo the ability to adept to any abuse stitch gives her like better at blowing stitch for example?

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