Reviews for Sweet Dreams, Lana Loud

BY : The Evil Fairy

  • From GeorgeGlass on November 15, 2018

    Nice. I enjoy incest stories in which sibling-love is expressed sexually, and this is a great example of that. Particuarly hot was Lori pretending to be asleep while Lana feels her up, growing bolder and bolder until Lori gives the game away. And I totally bought Lana wanting to eat Lori out. Character voices and behavior were on target, too, which is key, IMO. Nicely done.

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  • From HappyLookingShell on October 29, 2018

    Nice! Would very much like to see another chapter. 

    Been inactive for a long time, finding that you're on my top writers list.

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  • From tom on August 07, 2018

    great story

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