Reviews for Dangerous Games

BY : Cat_Eyes

  • From reto90kid on October 10, 2018

    hey I have some ideas

    about this story

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  • From obliquefeverfew on September 24, 2018

    I've been reading your story for quite a while now, and the dramatic writing of how you handled Marinette's and Adrien's relationship is superb. You can feel the tension and it is as strong as how the show implicitly and explicitly portrays it. The sense of urgency, danger, romance, and revenge (imagine Sideshow Bob's voice as I say that last one) is absolutely on point as you create these beats to a story.

    Every essence of the characters show that although they have matured as time passed on, they have their whimsy as they did in their adolescence. That to me is the most important in writing characters: the fact that there are changes, but they haven't changed much even though they have grown up. A lot of the smut I have read is either out of character or have them so drenched in lust that it isn't realistic. The worst is that the Mary Sue element is put into place or the characters inhibit Mary Sue-ism (I have opinions what can be objectively good Mary Sue-ism, but that's another discussion).

    There is definitely a balance struck here that is so needed in so many stories. I already can enjoy the fact that your story(ies) doesn't meander into needless extensions. You can tell that there is an end to this, unlike a certain's author 127th chapter of a story people tuned out probably somewhere in the 50th chapter. Your tension is lasting, but it is solved and tied up within an agreeable time.

    Overall, this is a very good fanfic for me. Minor faults aside (which I cannot recall at the moment), there is flow, substance, proper (and accurate) characterizations, and proper plotting.

    You definitely deserve more attention for the effort you have put in with your stories (both this and the others). Truthfully, I wait for updates to your stories in absolute anticipation. I truly hope you continue to write as it inspires me to return to writing fanfics again.

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