Reviews for Spread your wings

BY : Fanfictionfan360

  • From ImMyOwnOC on April 29, 2018

    Can’t blame him for wanting to make time for someone as flexible in more ways than one as Ty Lee

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  • From tyuioptyuiop322 on April 29, 2018

    Great ! Will you have some sort of continuity with your Avatar stories ? I'd love to see Azula and Sokka resolving a fight llike that :)

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  • From IttyBittySkitty on April 27, 2018

    Oh god fuck this was HOT


    PLEASE tell me you’ll do more with Teo

    and next time, Ty Lee needs to REALLY show off her flexibility ;-3


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  • From Starship_King on April 25, 2018

    Really enjoyed this, probably my favorite so far. Glad to see Teo get a bit of love, if yoy know what I mean *wink* 

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