Reviews for Head, Heart, Loins


  • From Jake on May 07, 2018

    So now we know why none of Kylie's neighbours noticed anything was wrong when she was being possessed by Achira - she'd been having screaming orgasms that they'd all been hearing with extreme jealousy ever since she moved in, so nothing seemed to be amiss when the possession took place!

    This sequence of events fits in perfectly with Extreme Ghostbusters itself, and what was obviously about to happen shortly afterwards. It provides some excellent insight into Eduardo and Kylie's feelings about themselves and each other to match up with what we see on their faces (in those episodes that are lucky enough to be animated well!) and hear in their voices (in all episodes, of course!) in the cartoon, and should help everyone to understand the true nature of their wonderful relationship.

    I particularly like the part where they enjoy a lovely session of spooning sex after talking about their feelings, as this kind of sex is a loving cuddle first and an orgasmic cum-fest second, which I find very heartwarming. It's also great to include Eduardo's relationship with Kevin in the emotional lead-up to the spooning, as I think that's by far the most positive aspect of his pre-Ghostbuster life that the cartoon presents to us.

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