Reviews for My Angel, My Demon

BY : Trillhouse

  • From GeorgeGlass on June 28, 2018

    *SPOILERS below*

    A friend told me that this is one of his favorite Loud House stories, and I can see why. For one thing, the way you've drawn 14-year-old Lucy seems quite plausible. Given that she was fully goth at age 8, few people would be surprised that she's become moody and withdrawn as a teenager. It takes a sensitive soul like Lincoln to notice that something is wrong. Also, if any of the Loud sisters were going to fall in love with their own brother, Lucy seems like the best candidate. She's passionate, she's a romantic, and she's all about forbidden love that can never be. 

    One thing that especially impressed me was Lucy's poetry. It is faithful to the style she uses on the show, yet it is more sophisticated, showing how Lucy's skills have developed in the past 6 years. (You must be a rather good poet yourself.) And Lucy's poems were the perfect conduit for her to communicate her feelings to Lincoln.

    Other things that I especially liked:
    --Lucy reaching out to Luna to talk about her problem. Luna seems like the logical choice, given that she's probably the most open-minded Loud. I also liked how Luna's joke about Lucy's secret crush being Lincoln ended up causing Lucy to spill the beans by clamming up.
    --The cameos from some of the other characters, which helped to establish the six-years-later setting.
    --Lucy ripping the condom off Lincoln and doing him bareback. That was hot. :)

    Thanks for a good read!

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  • From ConanEdogawa on April 11, 2018

    Please continue with a part 2

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  • From tom on April 10, 2018

    Great Story

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