Reviews for Amaurotic

BY : VioletBlak

  • From Ms_Grinch on December 02, 2018

    It's hard to find good stories that i haven't already read because i'm an addict but i'm glad i found yours. Please update soon. Help the cause, feed my addiction... please. 

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  • From Sage_Tarragon on July 26, 2018

    These days, polyester gets all the action.

    A very, very sweet chapter, with just enough depth to keep it from being pure fluff. Very enjoyable.


    ... not that there's anything wrong with pure fluff, mind you...

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  • From Sage_Tarragon on April 07, 2018

    If this story spawned from writer's block I may have been giving writer's block a bad rap all these years.

    Keep it up! I look forward to seeing where this goes!

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