Reviews for Merry 'Cestmas!

BY : AberrantScript

  • From DoctorYnot on December 15, 2017

    Heyo! Great fic you've got going, AS. Leni is wonderfully naughty here. The first chapter was absolutely my favorite so far, I loved the look at how she slowly started budding sexually and getting more and more interested in sibling sex. It really was terrifically done and very fun to get the whole family involved in it with the search history thing. I thought Lincoln was into it a little too quickly, though, and would have liked him to react with a little more shock at his big sister's sexual advances. Maybe as a way to justify it you could have had the siblings getting grounded for the search history way back when as the thing that first planted the seed in his mind, and that's why he didn't recoil as much as he could have? Although I suppose that would have been complicated depending on the ages.

    In any case, sorry for getting sidetracked. Leni herself is super colorful and entertaining, and reading her being so sexually forward with Carol and overwhelm the poor girl like that was a real treat. Not sure about her using words as eloquent as 'repress' and 'desires', but the presence she exudes throughout the whole story is a joy to read, and I really can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter now that she's got the Lori lookalike flustered and at her mercy and her unknowing little brother on the way. Should be a blast.

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  • From tom on December 14, 2017

    Great start can' wait for more

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