Reviews for Multiversity

BY : GeorgeGlass

  • From Fairy-Slayer on October 22, 2018

    Oy, I had so little opportunity to just concentrate on the story that it took me even longer than usual to get through – though to be fair it's not like I want such fun and sexy stories to end at all. It just means I may be a bit fuzzy on some of the older details, despite popping open the file and combing through the author's notes. (Fortunately I got most of the references, except for things I'd never seen.)

    ¡BEWARE SPOILERS! below...

    I do love the succession of "what-if" scenarios where the one thing that's different about the world is kind of far-fetched, just like Gravity Falls itself. It's all the more fitting that the "normal" issues with Tiffany when he was back in boring-old Piedmont made even more sense. (Of course some will say it's even more far-fetched that a popular girl would ever want to be with Dipper.) The lessons succeeded nicely and still held up even against the various kinds of action (sexy and some not-so-fun) driving each semi-story forward; then it all tied together pretty wonderfully in the end. The "real reward" was a wonderful little twist that really tied it all together perfectly… while still giving us some nice explicit fun. If it was too easy in the end then it would have been all for nothing, plus it was a terrific little subversion of our expectations.

    And though I was half-expecting Nat to have a more-center role in the tale, it was nice that Dipper got a head start on a friendship that, yeah, likely would have happened anyway, but even without his memories it was clear that his instincts were on the lookout for Nat.

    Thanks for another fantastically fun story with meaning that's at least as good as the juicy bits.

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  • From Dex on September 23, 2018

    Nicely done. And one final callback to Pacifica's longrunning tentacle thing, that was fun. I really enjoyed the story, even if we never really did meet Dipper's "dream girl" as some say, sometimes the journey beats the destination. And i'm glad Dipper got to meet Nat again. He didn't get his girl but he did get a friend out of the whole ordeal, and some wisdom from a very wise woman who would have all kinds of lung cancer by now if it wasn't for her god immortality. Good story all in all dude. Hope to see more of your stuff in the future, as always.

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  • From nukerat on September 22, 2018

    can't really enjoy this last chapter, to be honest.

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  • From Dex on September 02, 2018

    Great! Now we're getting to what I was waiting for. I do hope that Dipper puts all that he has learned towards having some really special time with Pacifica. Though I do believe it will be rather strange for Dipper to see his real sister and wendy again after those alternate universe experiences. But anyway, i'm really looking forward to the next chapter. 

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  • From nukerat on August 29, 2018

    glad it's coming to my OTP. but is it in dipper prime's universe, or just another alter-universe to be test with?

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  • From nategoat on August 10, 2018

    Weird fic but I am not going to lie, i love it. 

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on July 13, 2018

    Sorry for not keeping up on as much of your stories as I'd like, and more so for not giving them the full thoughtful treatment they deserve. However, after several months I finally caught up on "Multiversity" today and I love how it's playing out, especially how Dipper keeps learning a key piece of knowledge about himself – his own universe's self – each step of the way.

    Of course, the deliciously detailed action is pretty lovely too, but the mini-plots for each world and the tension are all top-notch; there are always nice tidbits that foreshadow the little twists very nicely too. Of course, half the time when something makes me raise an eyebrow it turns out not to be a twist at all (like a certain meeting Dipper overheard in chapter 4), but the ones that do appear are very natural for the timelines. Heh, so even in the latest one (9) I already see some potential for a twist, but with the lesson he's learned there it may or may not pan out.

    Anyway, thanks for continuing to write and share so much great stuff. Take care.

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  • From nukerat on July 03, 2018

    is there gonna be a part two with Tiffany?

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  • From DebbieCync on May 12, 2018

    Great story, a nice setup with a satisfying ending.


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  • From all_possible_worlds on September 01, 2017

    *monstrous spoilers for Chapter 6 ahead*

    Darling it's better
    Down where it's wetter
    Take it from me

    I understand why there is no reciprocal oral sex from Dipper's side in this story, given the plot. But at the same time, I feel deprived of the opportunity of humming "under the sea" all through any such a scene ;)

    Also, me reading this chapter: "Why does she have a French accent, and not Spanish like Mermando? (other than a 'Little Mermaid' joke) Oh, that's why! School as in boarding school or as in school of fish? Oh, I see!"

    I practically expected the next line to read "And, yes, [Dexter], I can read your mind" after that point. Kudos.

    Loved the different monster-romantic-interests you gave everyone, from the fact that a red-bearded manotaur counts as an indication that Wendy has daddy-issues, to Robbie dating a yokai, to Thomson's ambiguously-existent date, to the running gag about Pacifica and tentacle porn. At this rate, you better deliver on that last one at some point!

    I wonder if there is any particular significance to the fact that many of these single-fetish universes seem to only apply to teens, not to the adults. I guess all of them have weird consequences once reproduction enters the scene.

    The "that's a little creepy" trio of lines are especially true to character, for both twins.

    So, from very early on, this chapter hinted to be the reverse of Wendip, in that Mermadeline was way more into Dipper than the other way around. Even then, seeing Dipper swim to the middle of the lake with her was a bit unsettling, because, well, not to be specieist, but... mermaid, them folk drown people. Turns out is the other kind of mermaid, the sell your soul for a pair of legs to be with your guy kind, where is Ursula when you need her? But yeah, Dipper is right, scary kind of responsibility there!

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  • From all_possible_worlds on August 29, 2017

    *chapter 5 review, spoilers up to that point*

    I know I usually say you get every character right, but this time I do have to protest!

    How are you so sure, so convinced, so absolutely certain... that in so many years of cons, flimflams, and foul dealings, Grunckle Stan has never been a pimp?!

    Heh, nah, honestly just pulling your leg. The bit about the Grunckle feeling uncomfortable at what he was saying about the kids was pretty good foreshadowing for his eventual acquiescence on the matter, and I can both see that as one the few moral lines he won't quite cross, as well as the twins happiness being among the few things Stan will put above money.

    The bit about "Dipper is Dipper" was also excellently planted just for this sort of occasion, and the "lesson" Dipper learns is disturbing, but believable (and the corollary, that they still care for each other much more that they are into each other, remains heartwarming). The sex was funny (Mabel is Mabel in any universe too, puns and all), and hot, as well as uncomfortable, and I haven't untangled that particular mix. For something that caters to a fetish failing so far from my own repertoire, I couldn't have asked for it to go any better.

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  • From neo on August 24, 2017

    the last 2 chapters were really good!

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  • From all_possible_worlds on August 16, 2017

    *chapter 4 review, spoilers up to that point*

    The dreaded Chapter 4. Incestverse? Pinecestverse?... the Lannisters send their congrats?

    Well, to be fair, I planned to spend this chapter uncomfortably teetering at the edge between disgust and fascination at the particular sub-genre in question. And, don't get me wrong, there was plenty of that, particularly at the end. To your credit as a writer, you gave cannon-Dipper pretty much the only motivation I would believe to overcome his reservations: his desire to protect/help out his sister. Of course, he is also clearly turned on by the situation himself on some level, and I suppose only chapter 5 will tell if those feelings are his own or alt-Dipper's.

    That said, what I didn't expect, was to spend so much of this chapter laughing my ass off, and not only at Dipper's confusion. The whole Pacifica digression was hilarious, of course, but it was this exchange that truly killed me:

    > Soos piped up, “Good thing I’m an only child, huh, Mr. Pines? You don’t have to worry about me getting distracted by the opposite sex.”

    > “I don’t worry about that ever,” Stan replied

    Perfect, for both of them.

    Also, I got why they were the power couple as soon as you begun hinting at it, with the magazine clippings. Like Dipper says, the deduction is fairly easy: the closer the family relation the more popular in the incestverse, same as the younger the guy the more popular in the shotaverse. I recognize that you were guiding the reader to that conclusion way before you put it explicitly in Dipper's thoughts, but you still managed to make me feel smart when you confirmed the obvious suspicions. Like you said one time "One of the signs of a good writer is the ability to subtly get you thinking in a certain direction and then, while you're still thinking, take you in that direction.", so, in that regard at least, masterfully done! ;)

    Now, can we please learn whichever life lesson this universe is supposed to teach Dipper, so that we can get to sex scenes that do *not* end in "Thanks, Bro-Bro."

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  • From shadowmaster on August 16, 2017

    Not what I expected..... *cringe* But if you like it like that, I will respect your decision..... But really, I want to see a Tambry x Wendy x Dipper (very explicit..... XD)

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  • From nukerat on August 16, 2017

    well the entire human gene pool is doomed

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