Reviews for P. F. A. S. (Post-Fusion Attachment Syndrome)

BY : GeorgeGlass

  • From Fairy-Slayer on July 19, 2017

    First off, it was a great way to start with the kids being excited to see each other, with only a hint or two that it was anything out of the ordinary. Garnet's feelings about it were very cute too, a nice extension from the episode. Using a bit of future vision to give Steven and Connie's symptoms time to escalate until even Garnet noticed worked. Her "organic solution" comment (and implementation) was fantastic. Also, now that I think about it, it feels like Garnet set Amethyst and then Pearl to "fail the test" and get caught peeking just so she'd have some leverage to help get them out of the way for a while.

    Great work on the awkwardness of the two as they first have a hard time thinking about making love, and then the anxiety over how to begin. When Connie mentioned her nightmares about tests I wondered if she'd ever been naked too and, at least thinking of school and tests, that would be a little comforting actually. "She really liked me!" cracked me up mostly because it's so real that it reminds me of my own awkward early escapades.

    Figuring out that it was up to them to decide how to make it happen was so Steven that if this wasn't about sex then it could be an episode. However, the gentle start and gradual build up in their lovemaking played out beautifully. It also felt like it rose to a good natural point and was still completely satisfying (to the kids and the reader).

    Again though, I'm glad that Connie didn't take Steven's cry of, "Freedom!" the wrong way. ;) The residual reluctance to seeing each other naked even after sex was really cute, plus Connie's compliment was perfect.

    Clearing their memories worked fine for me, both to stick to the canon while also avoiding so many complications. Though it would have been out of place, I like to think that Garnet at least wished she could erase their memories the way Superman did in Superman II. Greg's little cool-down talk was very sweet, and Connie's blushing was a nice way to make us hopeful that part of her remembers making love with Steven.

    The characterizations were great: Garnet's observation about people "reformatting their food" was a great look at humans through alien eyes. ("INSERT TURKEY IN DRIVE A: AND PRESS ANY KEY") and the odd rules to Go Fish were a lot of fun;  Nice use of callback thingy too. Then there was Amethyst wanting to watch the kids (she's one of us!) and better yet, her reaction to Pearl mentioning the bath water incident. So much Crystal Gem fun, plus Greg's reaction about the upholstery cleaner was adorable.

    Thanks for another terrifically lovely and beautifully written tale.

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  • From nautiscarader on July 18, 2017

    Interesting idea - certainly good start fir a smut story, like with all those -inators from PnF. That being said, I think things went a bit too quickly here, and I'm not talking just about the duration of sex, which is understandable. Jumping straight to intercourse seems a bit too fast, I imagined they would start with something like 69. And, since Connie's mom is a doctor (I haven't really watched that much of SU, so correct me if I'm wrong), shouldn't Connie at least ask for, you know, a condom? I know this is smut for the point of smut, but turning the sensibility knob a bit wouldn't hurt. 

    At the same time, loved the comedy of other Crystal gems. Overall, it's a great, simple story that can be a starting point to something, perhaps. I have to admit, I am impressed with how easily you are incorporating adult themes into regular stories, I'm always waiting for something new from you, even if it's from a fandom I'm not in (like SU).

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  • From neo on July 14, 2017

    this was a fantastic story! love the idea, really cute and the ending was funny.

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