Reviews for Bad girl

BY : Honey-on-toast

  • From Lunarsilver on July 04, 2017

    Will this be a one-shot story or will there be another chapter, like they hide in the tree with very thick leaves so they won't be seen by anyone in the park, once berserk got blossom all hot and bothered again berserk could dangle a naked blossom by her wrists lowering her down from the privacy that the leafs provided to out in the open of the park where anyone could see the naked Powerpuff girl dangling from a tree, blossom is pulled back into the privacy that the leafs of the tree provided before anyone could even get a glimpse of the tree. Then once no one is looking, berserk dangles blossom out in the open from the tree again, this is repeated until blossom begs berserk to fuck her because the thrill of being caught naked in public and the warm feeling from the thought of it was to much for blossom to handle.

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