Reviews for The Loud House After Dark

BY : GeorgeGlass

  • From Fairy-Slayer on July 02, 2017

    This was wonderfully sexy, and I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, and on a few levels:

    First, the narrative style was a pleasure, just imagining Lucy Loud quietly showing us around the hidden places where we could see all of the hidden secrets. You used her voice very well, and it worked well against the rest of the narration, which was a comfortable tone for action and "camera movement." It was like a sexy Twilight Zone thing going on, plus one or two cute little quirks.

    Those brief openers were pretty much all we needed to get fully up to speed on each rendezvous as they began and slowly unfolded. Each segment was a good dose of story on its own yet still helped build up to the final climax of each tryst. Plus they were all sweet to downright cute (especially Lynn's bad acting, the conscientious tentacle monster, the Luanisms, and the twins being different by minutes and different by inches). Even better, it was in-character the whole way. It didn't feel like we were getting pulled away every time it started to get good – we got to savor every tasty bite from the smorgasbord of underage incestuous lust.

    (Come to think of it, that would be the best Old Country Buffet EVER!)

    The "happiest moments" were all terrifically satisfying, especially with an extra boost from Lucy's breathy whispers to go along with each. Yet even after all the sexy action and learning each character's secret (even about how it's basically in their genes), having Lucy make sure we see the pure love and affection they share was the icing on the cake.

    The only other thing I'll throw out there is that Lisa seemed to have a second secret, though perhaps it really just ties into that one best overall secret. Maybe that's foreshadowing… or maybe I'm just reading way too much into it ;) (I'll hold back on saying what it is to see if it's really just me, but I will say that I absolutely loved every second of it.)

    Anyway, thanks for another fantastic and wonderfully erotic tale.

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  • From SailorNemesis on July 02, 2017

    Well done.

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  • From tom on July 01, 2017

    great story

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