Reviews for Weird Wednesday

BY : thatguywiththeface

  • From lolidunnow on October 09, 2017

    The Pacifica scene with her nipples poking through her blouse and Dipper being so dizzy he groped them was super hot. Will she get a turn?

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  • From all_possible_worlds on April 04, 2017

    This review is mostly for Chapter 5, and a bit of 6. But on a general note: excellent use of the Weird Wednesday situation, and I for one am glad that this is, at this point, not a twincest fic.

    On the characterization of Dipper, I am quite surprised he would agree to do anything with Robbie. I would have thought of his reaction to that to be along the lines of "Not with a borrowed pussy and Wendy doing the pushing." But then again, that kinda is the scenario in question. I like how he is extremely eager to do things with Wendy and just kinda goes along with the Robbie bits, while the two older teens consider that to be the main event instead. A bit more internal conflict about letting Robbie bang him, even if it means he can be with Wendy too, might in my opinion enhance this scene. That said, the scenario is quite hot as is. In particular, “The fuck got into you Mabel?... I didn’t say stop.” is the hottest line by my estimation, together with the surrounding scene. Robbie not warning Mabel on purpose is quite in character and perversely enjoyable.

    Speaking of great lines, this one is both perfectly in character and sides-hurting hilarious: “Well Corduroy, you made your bed and now you have to fuck in it,”

    The shower scene is cool, and it makes sense that Wendy would not be bothered by cold showers, and be a bit weirded out about 'Mabel's declarations of affection.

    Briefly getting into chapter 6, I like that Wendy figures it out at that point. She knows both twins well after all and is somewhat used to the weirdness of Gravity Falls. At first I wasn't quite sure Wendy would be that prone to impulsive bad decisions, such as sleeping with 'Dipper' on a whim. However, on further reflection , Wendy does make some pretty impulsive decisions in cannon, such as when she is working as lifeguard and constantly flaunting the rules. Also, I think it is a cool touch that Mabel, after her 'gay' experience, is way into anal.

    Two potential small corrections on Chapter 5:

    - This part is missing an start quote: 'Dipper took a big breath. Robbie please… fuck me. Fuck me hard.”'

    - This: 'God boy soap has the dumbest names.”' should probably be 'God, boy soap has the dumbest names.”'

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  • From neo on January 09, 2017

    poor mable. great story i thought this was gonna be a pinecest fic but i like it

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  • From neo on October 22, 2016

    this story is great! plz continue

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  • From RandomReviewer on August 26, 2016

    Okay so I saw Mabel's crush being hot for Dipper coming, but you caught me off guard for Wendy and Robbie going for Mabel! :D I'm excited for the next chapter!

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  • From Fernando on August 02, 2016

    Hey. This story is very cool. I hope than more come soon :D

    This perspecitve, from the two charactears, is funny and interesting in this same time. Do you planing more chapters soon? 

    P.S. Sorry for my english. It itsn't my first language. 



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  • From RandomReviewer on July 12, 2016

    Looks like Mabel is going to have her hands full getting Dipper up to speed. So, is Mabel going to try to convince Dipper to go after that boy in her body, or is she going to go after him in his body? :D
     I'm sure either way will be entertaining (probably not for Dipper, probably).

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