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ninesenshi 2012-05-05 id # 3000039299
Good concept. I'm hoping for some sexy scenes.
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emily 2012-05-05 id # 3000039300
love ur idea. I was wondering if u cud mention their actually sizes in the later chapters. And if u cud make aang bigger then the others..anyways love the story :)
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Nathanal_Wilkes 2012-05-05 id # 3000039303
Love it love everything about it! Stay the course my friend. Can't wait to see what you do with some of the later storyline.
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Nathanal_Wilkes 2012-05-07 id # 3000039312
Hey never be afraid to go outside the norms sometimes a little weirdness is good mix up to the tedium.
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ninesenshi 2012-05-08 id # 3000039320
Chap 3, ack! Please give warning when there is Yaoi ahead.
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Nathanal_Wilkes 2012-05-10 id # 3000039329
Really dug this chapter especially the air nomad female didnt see too many during the series. Looking forward to what you got planned next.
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Rossy 2012-05-20 id # 3000039360
Chapter 3: Loved this scene. It could so have happened. o(.^o^.)o
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Rossy 2012-05-20 id # 3000039361
Hmm, you could add another Zuko/Aang scene. A more explicit one. It could take place while Zuko and Aang get stuck in an old temple (at the time when Zuko was teaching Aang how to firebend). PRETTY PLEASE!!!! o(.^o^.)o
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Nathanal_Wilkes 2012-06-01 id # 3000039400
Great job on the latest installment. You know for some reason I always seem to forget about this episode and jump straight to the jet one. I think I may be forgetting another episode still. Yea the one about the prison and the earth benders that Katara inspired. Looking forward to what you do with those ones. I'm a Katara Aang fan, but if it's good I won't complain about other pairings.
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MistressCat 2012-06-03 id # 3000039406
Wow. This was a fun story. You did a pretty good Job. I think I kind of like the script format it is very different. I also think this is somewhat realistic. I can see Aang,being a normal 11-14 year old having to deal with awkward erections. I like how he doesn't freak out. He just deals with it. And I loved king Bumi. I can see the mad king doing that to test loyalty... And to see breasts. Over all good work.
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