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Reviews for [ Kim Possible ] Afternoon Affair
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Manofevil 2011-11-12 id # 3000038885
That was definitely a a very Ron thing that he did there. Looking forward to more.
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Shago123 2011-11-16 id # 3000038890
Awsome story
Keep it up. Make sure Ron is,big,:D
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Nathanal Wilkes 2011-11-24 id # 3000038914
All good so far can't wait to see how things start off. Also if Ron has been in his room all week if he has any fluids left in his body.
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Shago123 2011-11-24 id # 3000038916
Cant wait for the chapter :)
Well done
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Shago123 2011-12-01 id # 3000038936
Beautiful chapter :)
If u cud mention the actually that wud be awsome. Maybe she measure it or something? Idk lol your the mastermind :)
Anyways cant wait for the next one.
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ninesenshi 2011-12-14 id # 3000038980
Well, this is pretty hot. I'm glad to see Ron finally take charge. I hope he breaks Ann and makes her his submissive mate. Maybe after that he can add Kim to his harem...
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Nathanal Wilkes 2011-12-16 id # 3000038983
Gotta say really didn't see the story going in that direction at all. I mean it was going all nice and you expect some messing around, maybe a learning experience for Ron then BAM!! Sex demon hentai rape scene! Really wanna see what happens next now after that. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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Nathanal Wilkes 2011-12-30 id # 3000039031
I've gotta say that was an awesome twist I really gotta say that I didn't see that one coming great job. Also love that Shego has hardcore hentai type fantasies. Really can't wait to find out what else you've got in store for Ann and Ron.
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Nathanal_Wilkes 2012-02-18 id # 3000039144
Nice one ending with a cliffhanger well gotta say really enjoyed the action in this chapter. Hope the next chapter comes soon can't wait to see who had the same idea about the gym. Also some candid closet sex something hot about having sex in a closet while trying to hide from someone.
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Nathanal_Wilkes 2012-04-12 id # 3000039237
Was that the end? I mean that seemed like a pretty good jumping off point for more story before a finale. Well whatever I guess enjoyed this chapter none the less. Oh also liked the brief porno lifestyle that Ann had a tow truck driver for twenty bucks? Classic
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