Reviews for Ill-Gotten Goods

BY : Taa

  • From ANON - RyuaAlba on August 30, 2015

    Wheeee, I am so excited to see an update to this story.

    Poor Sokka. Seeing him get a little care taken is a nice change... but of course, your slaves aren't any use if they're too broken to play with.

    The scenes with Ozai are spectacular. I really enjoy how he's more... gentle than Azula at moments, although that's not really the right word. That last scene especially was so hot.

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  • From ANON - Corinthios on January 05, 2015

    Very good story so far, I'm on chapter 2 and am surprised no one has reviewed such a great story. You make the characters believable and put real emotions in them. I'm about to read chapter 3, looking forward to it!

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  • From ANON - Mistress pain on January 22, 2013

    This was really really good. I was amazed at your skill. I would only suggest re thinking the point of view you tell this story from. But this was by far one of the best stories I've read on this site

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  • From ANON - RyuaAlba on December 11, 2011

    This is exactly what I wanted. You have no idea how perfectly this story matches the fantasy in my mind right now... I just wish there were more parts of it already written!

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  • From ANON - Rez on August 31, 2011

    Wow! I am so impressed with the quality of this story. The way you write Azula's insanity is incredible. You portrayal in the cusp 'twixt sanity and madness is masterful. Very few people are able to write this cohesively.

    Your characterzations are right on, from the lowly maids to the gruff guards, and that's not even touching Sokka. You have hit the mark!

    This is perfectly in character for him. His struggle, his internal strife, especially his pain. Not only in the psychological sense, but the discriptors of the physical make me shiver. You are an amazing writer and I wish I could read the next installment now.

    Keep typin'

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  • From Erock on June 04, 2011

    Wow that was just ausome. You are really a great writer and this is a great plot line. I hope you continue.

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