Reviews for In the Mist of Gorilla Fist

BY : archer

  • From black2 on March 02, 2009

    Another good Ron and Yori story.

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  • From Nathanal_Wilkes on February 15, 2009

    Another good one especially loved the oral scene. A whole lot of good detail work there very easy to picture and put myself in Ron's position. You have a real knack for getting the whole feeling and vibe for you scenes it makes your stories great. If you got any more to the story I can't wait to read it.

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  • From Nathanal_Wilkes on February 07, 2009

    My my my you do certainly have a way with words my friend. Very hot little love scene you put down there I must admit I enjoyed it immensely. Very descriptive and very hentai loved the detail and feeling involved great job. Looking forward to upcoming chapters if there are any.

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  • From Jayrich on February 03, 2009

    Hope you have plans to continue this story soon. I like where it's going so far...

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  • From FRANCISCO on February 02, 2009

    Good story. A couple of pointers the beginning is a little too long for setting the story. The ending is rather abrupt(it looks like the story was cut off).

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  • From Nathanal_Wilkes on February 02, 2009

    Man really messed up spot to end the story in really messed up! Got some good stuff goin though so I'm a little curious as to how your going to proceed with this one. Really can't wait fot the next chapter.

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