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skyman 2008-11-25 id # 3000031961
cool story good grammar no spelling errors i could see great job so far look forward to the next chap
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just_me 2008-11-25 id # 3000031965
well, I don't like how it was practicly rape, and would have been had gwen not relented. however, I must say, AIN'T NOTHIN' HOT LIKE ALIEN SEX! In conclusion I hope to see more chapters soon. P.S. Keep in mind he won't be able to use heatblast, also if max gets mad when he finds out. have ben be doing gwen as excelerate in that chapter that way the chapter name can be "the fast and the furious". ;)
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rijin 2008-11-30 id # 3000032008
yo dude love what ya did with the concept and the whole her geting into it despite ur descriptions of how she felt and the way u ended it was sweet keep writing hope to see more chapters
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Sironblood1 2008-12-02 id # 3000032037
that was intense. You have to make more chapters!
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burning rage 2008-12-10 id # 3000032105
first chapter was good. you should continue the story
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GhostwriterMO 2008-12-19 id # 3000032192
Now THAT is what I call a WILDMUTT!!! (On hands and knees) Please more! Keep up the great work.
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Jake 2008-12-20 id # 3000032204
Good stuff so far though Iím really wondering what youíll do for upgrade.
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rijin 2008-12-22 id # 3000032224
dude i love your writing style keep it up id love to see wyldvine make an apearance in your story but hey whatever you feel like writing i know i cant wait to read
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thmanwithnoname 2008-12-25 id # 3000032238
wow, that was really good. I'm never against some good PWP, but I am enjoying how you're taking a slightly longer way through your story.
I'm eagerly waiting for more, I really hope this doesn't get dropped like so many good stories are.
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GhostwriterMO 2008-12-25 id # 3000032240
Now That is what I call a stocking stuffer, mechanical or biological Ben can't help it but tease and appearitly please his cousin. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next one this story is getting interesting.
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skyman 2008-12-26 id # 3000032243
love the story so far. i had a suggestion i thought would be interesting. maybe use Ditto in the story.
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Mister D. 2008-12-28 id # 3000032261
This is some really good work; I'm very much looking forward to reading future chapters. One can only wonder if Gwen will make her way through all of Ben's aliens-or at least which one is next. In any case, I have no doubt it'll be an entertaining read (I particularly like Gwen's development, especially her getting a 'kink' for alien porn).
Keep up the good work.
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Ice13 2008-12-29 id # 3000032265
Really liking this series! I'd really like a follow up at some point with just Ben... but that should really be for the end.;)
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RichardtheDragon 2008-12-31 id # 3000032278
other then a few spelling errors, I think this might be one of the more interesting reads I've ever seen. keep it up, I would love to see some of the other creatures he has
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Ryan 2009-01-13 id # 3000032409
Man, what can I say? I really love how your writing these. The way you actually give them story before you get to the sex scenes is great! I absolutely love how your incorporating the alien sex into this, although it is about that.. but still. On top of that, you are also showing romance between the two, not just some hot, mad, unbridled passion... your keeping to how they actually act in the show. Along with that, you write the sex scenes... dare I say perfectly? Regardless of the qualifier, they are certainly amazing and very hot. It makes this just perfect and is absolutely what im looking for in a ben 10 read. Please dont stop with these, keep em up! I thoroughly enjoy em and im sure every one else does as well. Incredibly well done! Keep em up! Looking forward to the next!
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thmanwithnoname 2009-01-28 id # 3000032574
sweet, another chapter.
again, I'm really enjoying the characterization.
You write both ben and gwen well.
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Sabbs 2009-01-29 id # 3000032578
Nicely done, keep up the great writing. :)
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Robert 2009-02-02 id # 3000032619
I must say. It has been many years since a story captivated me like yours has. I enjoyed it so much, that I stayed up all night to read them. Your style is well developed and it has an incredible flow of events, that is appealing sexually, but keeps the romance alive. I have enjoyed the entire story, but I simply loved the cave encounter with heatblast. The romance, the forbidden love, the humor. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your story, and let you know how much I am looking forward to the next chapter.
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Jack 2009-02-02 id # 3000032632
Great stuff as always. How the story moves and flows is amazing. I was wondering something though. We know Gwen has agreed to do it with all ten of his alien heroes but what about the extras he became later in the series like ditto and Ben wolf? Will they get any love?
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greivergf 2009-02-05 id # 3000032646
great story i like how you are using different reasons for ben and gwen to have sex. i also like how each alien has a different waykink for instance upgrade has no dick so ben combining with a dildo to have sex is good, or ghoastfreak having a tenticle dick is a good way (i think that he should of had more though) and these are great ways of making it interesting.

i like how gwen is going to fuck the first 10 aliens but is she going to fuck the others that ben gets by the end of the series:
BENWOLF (the wolf that had the abbility to fire sonic blasts)
BENMUMMY (the mummy form the ghoastfreak arc)
BENVICKTOR (the frankenstien type monstor)

after you finish this set are you going to do alien force?
if so it will be the best that is out there for ben10 alien force

Ja Ne
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anonymous 2009-03-13 id # 3000032939
Another awesome chapter. Cant wait for the rest of the aliens to come out. You should try graymatter next lol
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RichardtheDragon 2009-03-14 id # 3000032949
would this count as fish sex or eel sex, either way, I've seen women do them both. nice new chapter
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Lunaroki 2009-04-11 id # 3000033148
Whoa! This is some absolutely stunning stuff! The sex scenes are smoking hot, yet the characters remain believable and true to the show, and the storylines are amazing! I'm rather looking forward to seeing how you handle Diamondhead, and I have no idea how you're gonna make Stinkfly work, but I'm sure looking forward to finding out! ^_^
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Sabbs 2009-04-14 id # 3000033159
Wow great stories, keep up the great work. I'm trying to comment as much as i can, it so cool to see a review. :) Be well and again the keep up the great work.

Sabbs (AFF author)
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Anon 2009-04-28 id # 3000033278
Each chapter just gets better and better. Really hot stuff, looking forward to the next ones!
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Anon 2009-05-03 id # 3000033315
ok only thing missing so far is a little anal action (although i was hoping that ben was going to get creative with those madi gras bead hehehe cos they're almost like a set of anal beads
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MasterPhil 2009-05-12 id # 3000033392
i love this story. every time you post a new chapter i cum. dont give up on this story!
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Anon 2009-05-19 id # 3000033434
This story is astoundingly well written. I applaud you.
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badkidoh 2009-05-29 id # 3000033504
just read chapter 1 again for like the 7th time it's still great.
nice work on Wildmutt.
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badkidoh 2009-05-29 id # 3000033505
great work on chapter 2 & Ghostfreak.
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