Reviews for Picnic Love

BY : Tajerilynn

  • From BrienBoru on June 07, 2007

    Very nicely done. I must say, your description of the actual sexual act was astounding. Not only that, but you captured Jade's personality perfectly. That scene where she reminisced about being "Queen of the Park" was excellent and fit her perfectly. I haven't read a fanfiction written like yours in a while. I'm not even a fan of JCA fanfiction, but your story is most definitely one of my favorites. Bravo.

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  • From on November 08, 2004

    This was a good story to read an excellent plot to have read but still there are some grammar problems in the text. Also what you should do is add more details to the story like tell us how Hsi Wu came out from with in the demon world. Also you need some assistance in who are you talking about in your text i was confuse as you said Seymour and Hsi Wu so I didnít know which form he had on. Other than these mistakes this was a pretty good story.

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  • From Firefly4000 on October 25, 2004

    very nicely done Tajeri^^ more please

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  • From ANON - Kikue Chan on August 24, 2004

    Cute .... and really good, I hope your other works are as... orgasmic

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  • From ANON - fan on February 16, 2004

    please write a sequel to this fine work of geneus

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  • From ANON - ... on September 13, 2003


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