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About I am a massive fan of the stories on here. I am a compulsive reader and have to read something everyday. I have also found that I love being a beta. I think maybe I was meant to be an editor lol. And before anyone catches me out on my grammar let it be known that I LIKE sentence fragments and prepositions at the end of my sentences. We so often talk and think that way in real life so I like to leave them in.

I don't really get many thoughts on writing stories so don't expect a lot on that front. I do occasionally think of snapshot scenes or thoughts from characters so those I will share. AND I will work on turning them into longer stories. :)

And for those who like my writing... LOVE YOU!!!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. School is kicking my butt and I'm wishing it was summer... or Christmas break... or even just a snow day! I always worry when someone mentions being in school because I imagine that all their stories will be abandoned when they graduate and begin their 'real life.' Won't happen with me though... I'm not the student!

Current project:
I like to watch him sleep

I'm more apt to write poetry. Yeah I know...poems...who reads those? lol But try them out anyway... my meter is pretty good, I don't do free verse, and I like to write poems that are like a mini story. You might find that you LIKE story poems :) (oh... but the first lemon poem is total fluff)

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Recommended Reading

These authors may have lots of stories I love so to avoid writing PAGES of what I love I'll try to stick with one each.I'll try keeping it to complete stories too :)

The Mating Dance by angeltalion
School Daze by angeltalion
The Nerd by animehead
Beautiful Dreamer by antilogicalgirl (Genma & Kakashi)
Misbehave by Bendita15
Trust in Dreams by cupricanka
Through your eyes by dragonwolf
Calling You by firesnake
Keep Your Rival Very Very Close by fihablink
Trapped by havenoclue
This is not a game by jaydennara inc
Hells Academia by liule incomplete
All In & Constellations by Loraney
Dark Light and the Shadows Between by loraney
Late Night Grind by Magical Reality
Hearts Plundered by Nejinee
Parallels by Lazuli & Questofdreams
Growing Together Growing Apart by Raelyn
Talk to Me by Rasengan
Hottan by SaiTwins
Illusion and Dream by Serani (Kotetsu/Izumo & Raido/Genma)
Bastards and Fangs by xiophelia inc
Blackmail and Betrayal & Wrong Number by zrina
Narrator by 9hundred13

EVERYTHING by lexjamandme

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