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About Hi,

I'm Deandraquin, I like to read and write, listen to music and chat with old and new friends.

I'm interested in a lot of different things, but yoai is in my top 3 XD.

When I was younger I wrote a lot of poetry to express my feelings, but as I got older I started writing short stories, which never got finished for some reason or another.

When music melts the heart is the first story I started writing and publishing on the www (I intend to finish this one though XD), so it's very special to me.

I'm not someone who works on a lot of projects at the same time, so besides maybe a oneshot here or there, my story will be finished first before I start a new story.

I hope you'll enjoy my writings and if so, reward me with a review ( I live for them) ;).

I'm sorry for being absent for so long. RL hasn't been very kind. Not to long ago I was climbing out of my funk and started writing again, when my external harddrive decided to go poof and I lost all my data including all my finished chapters and even two oneshots I was ready to post. I recovered a lot of the chapters, but the ending for When music melts the heart was lost (a total of 5 chapters). Since I don't remember much of what I had written it could either be more or less than 5 chapters for the story to finish and updates will be very slow (sorry).

As a little start I will post the oneshot I recovered and hopefully will be able to post at least one chapter of When music melts the heart within the next two weeks.

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